This May Be The Coolest Air BnB Ever But It’s A Little Scary

In exciting news, Airbnb has announced its new ‘Icons’ collection, offering guests the opportunity to stay in stunning homes inspired by popular movies. With the chance to sleep in the Up house, X-Mansion, and the Purple Rain house, movie fans are in for a treat.

The UP house, suspended in the sky by balloons, is hosted by none other than Carl Fredricksen and can accommodate up to four guests.

And the best part? Stays in this iconic abode are completely free, with lucky occupants chosen at random after the company reviews applicants’ connection to the beloved movie.

As if living in the UP house wasn’t enough, guests will also get to experience mini adventures and collect badges just like Russell, the young protagonist of the 2009 film.

And with a picnic on the lawn, stargazing like Ellie, and Carl’s favorite breakfast of bran flakes, it truly is an experience straight out of the movie. Not to mention, guests will also have the opportunity to create their own Adventure Book, just like the one in the film.

But the UP house isn’t the only movie-inspired home available. The X-Mansion, located in New Castle, New York, can fit up to eight guests and offers a totally 90’s sleepover experience.

Hosted by Jubilee, a character from the Marvel comics, guests will be guided through orientation, have the chance to enter Beast’s lab and the War Room, and even try on Cerebro.

Jubilee will also ‘debrief’ guests on their new powers and even gift them with a diploma and class picture before they leave.

And for fans of Prince, Airbnb has the ultimate experience – a stay at the actual house used in filming the iconic movie Purple Rain.

Hosted by Wendy and Lisa, the musical duo that worked with the late singer, guests will get a glimpse into Prince’s world and even listen to rare tracks. And with the request to wear their finest purple outfits, guests are sure to feel like royalty.

Daily Mail


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