Entire Town Goes Up For Sale & It Can Be Yours – But There Is A Catch

The entire town of Campo, located just an hour outside of San Diego, California, has been listed for sale at $6.6 million. This charming small town, being sold by Nick Hernandez and Joseph Barela through realtors Top Gun CRE, offers a mix of residential and commercial buildings, totaling 28 structures. While the town requires significant renovations, the new owner will have the exciting chance to shape Campo’s future development.

Several residential units in Campo have already been upgraded with new roofing and plank flooring, enhancing their aesthetics and comfort. This sets a positive tone for potential buyers who envision revitalizing the community.

The vacant buildings present numerous opportunities for new businesses, such as gyms, laundromats, daycares, and community centers, making it an appealing prospect for investors looking to create a vibrant downtown area.

Campo’s current owner is ready to pass the baton, and interested parties include some high-profile names. In an interview with local Fox affiliate KUSI, Barela mentioned that a famous movie producer and professional skateboarder Tony Hawk have shown interest in the property. This level of attention highlights the unique appeal and potential of Campo, drawing curiosity from various sectors.

Originally built during World War II to house soldiers in case of an invasion, Campo now houses around 100 residents, all renting from the current owner. This historical backdrop adds to the town’s charm, offering a narrative that new owners can preserve while modernizing the infrastructure. The combination of history and potential modernization presents a rare opportunity for a visionary investor.

For those considering the purchase, there’s flexibility in how they can develop the town. Investors could focus on building additional housing units on the available land without altering the existing structures. This could include constructing apartments, townhouses, or other multi-unit dwellings, catering to the growing demand for housing in the area.

Alternatively, an investor could choose to demolish and rebuild significant parts of the town. This would allow for the introduction of new housing options, commercial spaces, and improved infrastructure, effectively transforming Campo into a modern community while preserving its small-town charm. The scope for redevelopment is vast, offering creative freedom to the new owner.

Campo’s residents are open to the idea of new ownership, provided the town’s unique charm is maintained during the redevelopment process. Local resident Michael Hoffner appreciates the town’s tranquility, highlighting the peaceful atmosphere and the opportunity to stargaze without the hustle and bustle of city life. This sentiment is echoed by many, underlining the importance of preserving Campo’s serene environment.

Another local, Tony Martinez, expressed his love for the area, particularly its natural surroundings and wildlife. This connection to nature is a significant part of Campo’s identity, and potential buyers will likely consider this when planning future developments. The residents’ attachment to their environment emphasizes the need for thoughtful and respectful redevelopment.

Campo hosts several commercial tenants, including a building rented by Border Patrol and six other commercial tenants. This existing commercial presence provides a foundation for further economic development, making it easier for new businesses to integrate into the community. The blend of residential and commercial opportunities makes Campo a versatile investment.

Daily Mail


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