Mother and Daughter Have Scary Encounter With Mountain Lion

The Havener family of Washington state experienced an extraordinary encounter in their own backyard last Saturday. As they were enjoying the beautiful spring weather, their day took an unexpected turn when a wild cougar ventured into their yard, coming within feet of the family members. Captured on security video, this rare and thrilling incident has become a talking point in the community.

April Havener, her husband Greg, their nine-year-old daughter, and two other relatives were gathered on their patio when the unexpected visitor arrived.

Their regular cat, Tuxie, was the first to notice the cougar, bravely leading it away from the family and toward the patio. The sight of the majestic yet intimidating cougar was both shocking and awe-inspiring for the family.

Greg was busy washing his car and initially did not see the cougar due to his obstructed view. However, once he realized what was happening, he was stunned by the size and presence of the mountain lion, which can weigh up to 220 pounds. “It was not a bobcat. It took me a few seconds to realize,” he recalled, noting the sheer magnitude of the animal.

April, holding the family’s new puppy, and her daughter, quickly fled inside the house. “I think it was just as shocked by seeing us as we were shocked by seeing it,” April later recounted. The family’s quick thinking and swift actions ensured everyone, including their pets, made it safely inside without any harm.

The footage from the family’s security cameras provided a detailed account of the encounter from different angles. It shows the cougar emerging from the woods, chasing the family’s cats, and finally coming face-to-face with the humans. The video has since gone viral, captivating viewers with its dramatic and intense moments.

Despite the initial fright, the Havener family remained composed and even found some humor in the situation. “We all went our separate ways and left it at that,” Greg joked, reflecting on how each family member instinctively sought safety. Their calm under pressure is commendable and a testament to their strong bond and presence of mind.

The incident has sparked a conversation about wildlife and human interaction in the area. Cougars are rare in this part of Washington, making the encounter even more extraordinary. Local wildlife experts have since reassured the community that such incidents are uncommon and that cougars typically avoid human contact.

Reflecting on the event, Greg mentioned how surreal it felt. “All of a sudden this whirlwind shows up in the middle of us,” he said. The family’s reactions, captured on video, show a mix of surprise, quick thinking, and relief as they processed what had happened only after the danger had passed.

The Havener family is now more vigilant about their outdoor activities, especially considering the safety of their children and pets. They are grateful for the outcome and the fact that everyone, including Tuxie, emerged unscathed from the ordeal.

Daily Mail


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