MMA Fighter Uses Bare Hands To Deal With Troublesome Gator – WATCH

A local MMA fighter and military veteran, Mike Dragich, is being hailed as a hero after bravely subduing an eight-foot alligator using only his bare hands. The incident occurred on Sunday night in Jacksonville’s Northside area and was captured on video by spectators. The 34-year-old, known as the ‘Blue Collar Brawler’, was attending a hockey game with his family when he received a call from the sheriff’s office about a nuisance alligator on the loose.

Despite not having his trapping equipment with him, Dragich responded to the call and sprang into action upon arriving at the scene. The video shows him stalking up behind the alligator before pouncing on its back and pressing down on its neck. The ferocious creature was no match for Dragich’s strength as he expertly applied pressure to subdue it. Spectators could be seen crowding to get a glimpse of the thrilling event, with many recording the spectacle on their phones.

This is not Dragich’s first encounter with an alligator. He is a licensed alligator trapper and has gained a reputation for his daring gator removals, amassing tens of thousands of followers online. In June last year, he was called to remove a ten-foot alligator from a parking lot near a Jacksonville elementary school.

In front of a cheering crowd, Dragich once again relied on his bare hands to subdue the aggressive reptile. He later described the experience as feeling like Batman, and his video went viral.

April marks the start of mating season for alligators, making it a busy month for trappers like Dragich. However, he takes it all in stride, and his bravery and expertise have earned him the respect and admiration of his community. Dragich is also making the most of his newfound fame by directing people’s attention to Project Savior Outdoors, a nonprofit he founded that offers retreats for military veterans to help prevent suicide. In a statement, the nonprofit’s mission is to fight PTSD and veteran suicide through the outdoors.

In his interview, Dragich compared his alligator encounter to a fight in the MMA cage, where nerves must be controlled for a focused and successful outcome. His quick reflexes and calm demeanor undoubtedly contributed to the successful capture of the alligator, and his bravery has captivated the hearts of many. With overwhelming support from the community and a growing fanbase, Dragich has become a local hero who is using his skills and platform to give back to his community and save lives.

The video of Dragich wrestling with the alligator has sparked a wave of feel-good news across the internet, with many praising his courage and highlighting the dangers that alligator trappers face every day.

Dragich’s determination to protect his community and his willingness to put his own safety on the line has inspired many and reinvigorated the sense of community spirit in Jacksonville. The city is known for its exciting sports events, but Dragich’s alligator takedown has undoubtedly become one of its most talked-about events this year.

As the world continues to face challenges and difficulties, stories like this remind us that bravery and fearlessness still exist. Mike Dragich’s heroic act has brought a sense of hope and optimism, not just to Jacksonville, but also to people all over the world.

Daily Mail


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