Jelly Roll’s Wife Speaks After Comments

Country singer Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie Xo, recently revealed in a sneak peek clip from her podcast, “Dumb Blonde,” that her husband has completely disengaged from the internet due to negative comments about his weight. The singer’s initiative to lose at least 100 pounds received a lot of attention, but unfortunately, not all of it was positive.

In the clip, Bunnie Xo shares that Jelly Roll is “so tired of being bullied about his f—ing weight.” She becomes emotional as she says, “That makes me want to cry because he is the sweetest angel baby.” The constant online criticism has caused Jelly Roll to remove himself from the internet entirely, which is a sad and unfortunate consequence of cyberbullying.

Bunnie Xo explained that her husband doesn’t show the effects of the bullying to his fans, but it deeply hurts him. She made a heartfelt plea to her listeners, stating, “It hurts him.” She also shared her concern for her husband’s wellbeing, saying that the negativity “makes him not want to be here.”

After appearing on “American Idol” a couple of weeks ago, Jelly Roll’s last post on his Instagram account was two weeks ago, and his X account hasn’t seen any activity since April 10th. This sudden silence could also be attributed to the negative comments he received after his appearance on the show.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Jelly Roll shared that he had already lost 70 pounds and was determined to keep going. He was preparing to run a 5K in May, and his hard work paid off as he shared, “I’ve been really kicking a–, man.” His daily routine includes two to three miles of running, sauna sessions, and healthy eating.

But despite his progress and hard work, the singer has been a target of online bullying, which is devastating to both him and his family. Bunnie Xo shared that her husband is currently staying off the internet because he is “tired of being bullied,” and that breaks her heart.

Jelly Roll’s weight loss journey has not been easy, and he has been open about his struggles with weight in the past. In a 2018 Instagram post, he revealed that he used to weigh over 500 pounds, but he was determined to make a change. He has been transparent about his journey since then, and his fans have been supportive and inspired by his progress.

Last November, at the 2023 CMA Awards, Jelly Roll spoke with Fox News Digital about how his weight affects his mental health. He shared that his weight is usually “directly related to mental health,” and he is trying to get both under control. His honesty and vulnerability have been appreciated by his fans, and his determination to get healthier is commendable.

Bunnie Xo also addressed the fact that just because Jelly Roll and she are in the public eye, does not give people the right to bully them. She stated, “The internet can say whatever the f— they want about you…No the f—, we’re not.” She emphasized that no one deserves to be bullied, and she will stand up for the underdogs.

She also urged listeners to not believe everything they see online and to not engage in cyberbullying. She said, “You’re never going to bully me, you’re never going to lie about me or my family, and I will fight to the end.” Her heartfelt words and determination to stand up for herself and her family send a powerful message against cyberbullying.

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