Hollywood Shocked At Who The Actual Highest Paid Actor Is. It’s Not Who You’d Think

It’s that time of year again when Forbes releases its list of the highest-paid screen stars in Hollywood. In 2023, the combined earnings of the top 10 highest-paid stars reached a staggering $449 million. Despite the challenges faced by the entertainment industry in the wake of the writers’ and actors’ strikes, it seems that these big-name actors still managed to come out on top.

Sitting at the bottom of the list is veteran actor Denzel Washington with earnings of $24 million. The 69-year-old secured this spot largely due to his role in the third installment of the vigilante thriller franchise Equalizer. The film was a major box office hit, grossing $42 million over the Labor Day weekend. However, Washington’s earnings can also be attributed to his extensive back catalog, which continues to produce a steady income stream for the Oscar winner.

Next up is Ben Affleck, who earned $38 million in 2023. Much of his earnings can be credited to his role as CEO of studio startup Artists Equity, a joint venture with close friend Matt Damon. However, Affleck also took on various acting projects, including the sports drama Air, which grossed $90 million at the box office. He also had lucrative brand deals and runs his own haircare line called LolaVie.

At number seven, we have two tied actors – Jason Statham and Leonardo DiCaprio, both earning $41 million. Statham’s earning power was boosted by his involvement in three popular franchises – Fast X, Meg 2: The Trench, and Expend4bles. However, Meg 2 did not fare well with critics, receiving a low score of only 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. On the other hand, DiCaprio’s earnings came from this involvement in the blockbuster film Oppenheimer. Despite missing out on an Oscar nomination, DiCaprio’s performance in the biopic of the ‘father of the atomic bomb’ was praised by critics.

Jennifer Aniston takes the sixth spot on the list with earnings of $42 million. Much of her earnings can be attributed to her role as the lead in AppleTV+’s The Morning Show, for which she reportedly earns $2 million per episode. The show has received critical acclaim and secured six nominations at the Critics Choice Awards. Aniston also had brand deals with companies such as Uber Eats and Vital Proteins and runs her own haircare line.

Matt Damon ties for fourth place with earnings of $43 million. Damon, who co-founded Artists Equity with Ben Affleck, also took on acting projects, including the highly-anticipated drama Oppenheimer. He reportedly signed a development deal with Warner Bros, which could see his earnings rise in the future.

Ryan Gosling also earned $43 million in 2023, largely due to his role as Barbie’s sidekick in the cultural phenomenon that was Greta Gerwig’s film. The blockbuster became the biggest box office debut of the year, grossing over $300 million on its opening weekend alone. The film also featured Gosling’s power ballad, “I’m Just Ken,” which has been streamed over 100 million times on Spotify.

Superstar Tom Cruise sat at number three with earnings of $45 million. Cruise’s earnings largely came from his ongoing Mission: Impossible franchise, for which he reportedly has a “first-dollar gross” deal. The latest installment, Dead Reckoning Part One, did not do as well as expected at the box office but received a 96% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Margot Robbie takes the second spot with earnings of $59 million. Robbie’s main source of income was her involvement in the hit film Barbie, which grossed over $500 million worldwide. She also signed an exclusive first-look deal with Warner Bros and has her own production company.

Topping the list with a whopping $73 million in earnings is Adam Sandler. He resumed his role in the highly successful Netflix film, Murder Mystery 2, which was watched for a total of 173 million hours in just three months. Sandler also had a successful stand-up comedy tour and signed a multi-film deal with Netflix. He was also honored with the People’s Icon Award at the 2024 People’s Choice Awards for his contributions to the industry.

It seems that these highest-paid screen stars have found success despite the challenges faced by the entertainment industry. From starring in blockbuster films to leading hit TV shows and securing lucrative brand deals, these stars continue to prove their worth and maintain their positions on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid screen stars.

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