The Jetsons Come to Life: Navy Engineer Builds Real-Life Rosie!

Robotics engineer Robert Zollna has always had a passion for putting things together. His love for building and creating has led him to become the mastermind behind popular TikTok account, @ziggy_nonskid, where he documents his impressive robotic builds. Zollna’s creations started as a fun hobby, but have now gained widespread attention and admiration on social media.

Zollna’s interest in building began during his time in college, where he studied mechanical engineering. He then became an engineman in the navy, but eventually moved on to a career that had nothing to do with his engineering background.

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Wanting to keep his skills sharp, Zollna turned to tinkering and experimenting on his own. This eventually led him to 3D printing, and from there, his robots were born.

The first robot Zollna shared with the world on TikTok was WALL-E, inspired by the beloved Pixar movie. Created as a gift for his grandson’s birthday, WALL-E was a one-quarter scale, fully articulated robot that quickly captured the attention of TikTok users. The birthday reveal video went viral, and Zollna’s creations became a hit on the platform.

Zollna’s builds only got bigger and better. His next project was a three-quarters scale WALL-E with even more functions, followed by Mo, a robot inspired by the same movie. However, Zollna’s latest creation is his most impressive yet – a working replica of Rosie the Robot from the iconic animated series, The Jetsons.

Zollna admits that he grew up watching The Jetsons, and after the success of his previous builds, he was inspired to take on the challenge of creating Rosie. The biggest hurdle for Zollna was figuring out how to power and steer an office chair base, which he eventually solved through deep thinking and problem-solving. Not wanting to waste any materials, Zollna also found ways to repurpose parts from previous projects in bringing Rosie to life.

Zollna’s creations have gained him a large following on TikTok, with fans and fellow creators offering support, ideas, and suggestions for his projects. He has also made many friends through the platform and has even met some of his followers in real life.

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Along with entertaining his audience, Zollna also uses his robots for a good cause. He takes them to events to entertain sailors and their families, as well as patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital. He also plans to work with students to teach basic robotics through the navy’s M.W.R. program.

Next on Zollna’s list is building either K9 from Doctor Who or the scutter ‘Bob’ from Red Dwarf. But for now, he is excited to debut Rosie at upcoming events and share her with his TikTok community. With her impressive functionality and unique design, it’s no doubt that she will be a hit, just like Zollna’s previous creations.

Robert Zollna’s passion for building and creating has brought joy and entertainment to many through his popular TikTok account, @ziggy_nonskid.

His impressive robotic builds, such as WALL-E and Mo, have gained widespread attention and admiration on the platform, with his latest project, Rosie the Robot, being his most impressive yet. Zollna’s creations not only provide entertainment but also serve a greater purpose by being used to give back to the community.



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