Yacht Owner & Dock Worker Clash – VIDEO

The San Diego community was in shock when a heated argument broke out at a local marina between a wealthy yacht owner and a dock worker. The incident, which occurred on March 10, was caught on video and quickly went viral, sparking outrage and condemnation from the public.

The altercation took place at the private Marriot Marquis Marina, where Ajay Thakore, a local entrepreneur and philanthropist, was attempting to dock his Lamborghini yacht to pick up one of his employees. However, he was stopped by Joseph Holt, a 21-year-old dock worker.

According to Holt, Thakore became hostile and aggressive from the start of the interaction, escalating the situation from “0 to 100” within seconds. Thakore allegedly began threatening Holt’s life and using derogatory language, claiming to have connections and the power to ruin Holt’s life.

The confrontation became even more disturbing when Thakore reportedly dropped his pants and made vulgar gestures to bystanders. The incident was captured on video and shared on YouTube, where it quickly gained attention and sparked outrage from viewers.

In an official statement, Thakore’s public relations team apologized for the incident and claimed it was a “regrettable” misunderstanding. However, both Thakore and his employee, Jason, defended their actions, claiming that Holt was the aggressor and they were only trying to defend their own.

Despite their statements, the public response to the incident has been largely negative, with many condemning Thakore’s behavior and praising Holt for remaining calm and professional throughout the ordeal.

The San Diego Police Department was called to the scene but arrived 10 minutes after Thakore and his yacht had left. However, the video footage provided enough evidence for the authorities to take action.

As the story continues to unfold, many are calling for Thakore to face consequences for his actions, particularly for his threatening behavior towards Holt. The incident has also sparked a larger conversation about privilege and entitlement, with Thakore’s actions being seen as a prime example of wealthy people abusing their power.

In the aftermath of the incident, Holt has received support from both the community and his employer for remaining calm and professional, despite the aggressive and threatening behavior he faced.

The Marriot Marquis Marina has also issued a statement, stating that they do not condone or tolerate the type of behavior displayed by Thakore in their private dock.

New York Post


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