Brinkley Reveals She’s Been Diagnosed With Cancer

Supermodel Christie Brinkley, who rose to fame in the 1970s, announced on Instagram Wednesday that she has been diagnosed with skin cancer. The 70-year-old model shared that she recently had basal cell carcinoma removed from the side of her face.

In her Instagram post, Brinkley shared the good news that the cancer was caught early and successfully removed by her doctors, who “stitched [her] up to perfection like an haute couture Dior.” She also emphasized the importance of regular check-ups and sun protection to prevent skin cancer, encouraging her followers to be diligent in taking care of their skin.

Brinkley revealed that her skin cancer diagnosis was discovered during an appointment with her daughter, when the doctor noticed a suspicious freckle. Her daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, who left a supportive comment on her mother’s post, recommended using arnica cream and supplements to help with the healing process. Other fans also left words of encouragement for Brinkley, wishing her a speedy recovery.

This news comes just a few weeks after Brinkley celebrated her 70th birthday. In a series of mirror selfies, the former supermodel showcased her toned physique and shared a reflective message about self-acceptance and happiness.

She also revealed her desire to travel to places like India, Tahiti, Thailand, and Bali, as she still has a lot she wants to accomplish in life.

Brinkley has been open about her approach to aging, stating that she is “approaching 70 with reverence and emotion.” She compared it to when she turned 50, saying it is a time to reflect on the past and also look forward to the future. Despite the societal pressure and expectations that come with milestone birthdays, she remains focused on living a positive and adventurous life.

In addition to her successful modeling career, Brinkley is also a proud mother to three children and has started many successful businesses. She believes that the key to staying young is to take care of oneself, maintain a positive attitude, and continue to seek new adventures. Age, to her, is simply a state of mind.

In September 2023, Brinkley spoke to Tamron Hall about how she stays youthful. She emphasized her focus on “lots of laughter, lots of curiosity, lots of adventures” and stated that she does not let thoughts about her age consume her. Brinkley’s positive outlook on aging continues to inspire and encourage many, as she remains a well-respected and admired figure in the fashion and beauty industry.

After announcing her skin cancer diagnosis, Brinkley’s fans and followers have flooded her Instagram post with messages of support and well-wishes. Her positive attitude and determination to continue living a fulfilling life despite challenges serves as an inspiration to many.

Brinkley’s bravery in sharing her journey with skin cancer raises awareness about the importance of skin health and taking preventative measures.

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