‘This Feels Nice’ Era Defining Cast Returns Shocks Award Show

The iconic cast of “Cheers” reunited at the 75th annual Primetime Emmy Awards in a special tribute that celebrated some of the most beloved shows in TV history. Host Anthony Anderson introduced the reunion, praising “Cheers” as “one of the greatest television shows of all time.”

The cast, including Ted Danson, Kelsey Grammer, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger, and George Wendt, appeared onstage inside a replica of the iconic Boston bar where the show was set. Danson expressed the sentiment of being together in front of the audience, while Ratzenberger described it as a “long overdue class reunion.”

The “Cheers” cast gathered to present the awards for Best Directing for a Comedy Series and Best Writing in a Comedy Series. Both awards went to Hulu’s “The Bear.” Grammer shared that being together brought back great memories of a show they are all proud of.

The reunion was part of a larger effort to pay tribute to iconic shows that have shaped television and entertainment over the last 75 years. Other shows, including “The Sopranos,” “All in the Family,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and more, received special tributes during the ceremony broadcast on Fox.

Jesse Collins, the executive producer of the show, explained that the goal was to celebrate television by honoring both the shows of yesterday and today. Dionne Harmon, another executive producer, emphasized the core of the celebration, which aimed to honor the legacy of television.

Anthony Anderson, the host, provided insights into the reunions, describing them as a homage to iconic shows that have changed the landscape of television and entertainment.

Anderson revealed that the reunions involved cast members returning as themselves or in character, with interactions between him and the cast on the sets of their respective shows. The complexity of the tributes required Anderson to change costumes over five times throughout the telecast.

“Cheers,” during its 11-season run from 1982 to 1993 on NBC, secured a total of 28 Emmys. The sitcom followed the life of bar owner Sam Malone, played by Ted Danson, and garnered immense popularity.

The show’s success extended to a critically acclaimed spinoff, “Frasier,” starring Kelsey Grammer, which received 37 Emmys. The legacy of “Cheers” also inspired a short-lived spinoff, “The Tortellis,” which lasted only one season.

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