‘Happy Days’ Henry Winkler Has Hilarious Response To Shows 50 Anniversary

Celebrated actor Henry Winkler, renowned for his iconic role as Arthur Herbert “The Fonz” Fonzarelli in the hit sitcom “Happy Days,” recently shared insights on the show’s 50th anniversary.

Speaking at the Critics Choice Awards, where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the comedy-drama series “Barry,” Winkler humorously remarked on the milestone, quipping, “50 years? Where’s my walker?” Despite the passage of time, the 78-year-old actor expressed gratitude for still standing and reflected on the remarkable journey of “Happy Days.”

Winkler reminisced about his cherished memories on the show, describing the experience from the first to the last day as “wonderful.” Notably, he highlighted the enduring camaraderie with former co-star Ron Howard, who played Richie Cunningham.

Emphasizing the importance of maintaining respect, Winkler shared his commitment to treating Howard with the utmost regard. The two actors remain close, with Winkler revealing that he recently spoke to Howard, who is currently working on a movie in Australia, emphasizing their enduring familial bond.

In a previous interview, the Emmy Award winner discussed the valuable lessons learned from working with Ron Howard.

Acknowledging Howard’s grounded upbringing and professionalism, Winkler appreciated the mentorship he received, particularly regarding the responsibility of being a professional actor.

The actor’s admiration for Howard’s work ethic and commitment to excellence became evident as he recounted the influence Howard had on his own approach to the craft.

“Happy Days,” created by screenwriter Gary Marshall, enjoyed remarkable success, running for 11 seasons from January 15, 1974, to September 24, 1984. In its third season, the series achieved the coveted number-one Nielsen rating, solidifying its status as a beloved and enduring classic.

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