Selfless 84 Year Old Gets Honor She Deserves After Incredible Accomplishment

After an impressive four and a half decades of dedicated service, Dot Sharp, an 84-year-old McDonald’s employee in western Pennsylvania, bid farewell to her long career with the fast-food giant.

Her final order was taken from her own granddaughter, who shared the workplace with her. Dot, who commenced her McDonald’s journey in 1978, decided to retire after a remarkable tenure at the Gibsonia restaurant. On her last day, a line of regular customers formed at the drive-thru, expressing well-wishes to the beloved employee.

“The best part of my job has always been the people,” remarked Dot in a press release. Her genuine affection for both customers and co-workers resonated throughout her extensive career.

A single mother during her working years, Dot commended McDonald’s for providing the flexibility she needed to balance earning a living and taking care of her children.

Throughout her time at McDonald’s, Dot witnessed the introduction of iconic menu items such as the McDouble and the McChicken. While McMuffins and Filet-O-Fishes were already staples when she started, Chicken McNuggets made their debut in 1979.

In the nostalgic trip down memory lane, it was revealed that in 1978, every McDonald’s item cost less than a dollar, with large fries priced at around 50 cents and a Big Mac reaching a maximum of 90 cents.

Owner-operator Meghan Sweeney of McDonald’s of Gibsonia praised Dot for her significant contributions, describing her as an “amazing contributor” who consistently prioritized customers.

Sweeney expressed gratitude for Dot’s sunny disposition and dedication to making customers her top priority.

As Dot embarks on a well-deserved retirement, Sweeney wishes her a relaxing break, acknowledging her as a valuable team member who has left a positive impact on both customers and co-workers.

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