MUST WATCH: Police Pull Over Man with Bizarre Passenger!

In a bizarre and unexpected sight, a Nebraska man found himself in an unusual traffic stop situation when officers from the Norfolk Police Division received a call about a man cruising down Highway 275 with an enormous real-life Watusi bull occupying the passenger seat of his compact car.

The call came in around 10 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, alerting authorities to this unusual scene. Officers were anticipating a calf or a smaller animal fitting inside a vehicle, but they were met with a sight that left them astonished. The massive black and white bull, aptly named Howdy Doody, was seen nonchalantly seated in the small, modified car. His massive shoulders, head, and imposing horns protruded from where half of the roof and windshield used to be. The passenger door had been swapped with a metal guardrail more commonly found in cattle enclosures. On this railing, a sign proudly declared, “Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade: Best Car Entry.”

Due to the uniqueness of the situation, officers decided to perform a traffic stop and address several traffic violations associated with this peculiar circumstance. Lee Meyer of Neligh, the driver of the vehicle, was identified during the stop. Despite the potential for issuing citations, the officers opted to provide Meyer with warnings and requested that he return the massive animal back home and leave the city. It remains uncertain whether other drivers along the way responded with their own car horns to this memorable spectacle.

The Watusi bull is named Howdy Doody.

The incident, while humorous and unexpected, serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of daily life and the need for law enforcement to address a wide range of situations. It also highlights the creativity and sense of humor exhibited by some members of the community, as evidenced by the eye-catching signage on the car’s guardrail.

Following the traffic stop, Lee Meyer and his colossal co-pilot, Howdy Doody, made their way back home. As they retraced their journey, one can only imagine the reactions of onlookers who crossed paths with this extraordinary duo on the highway.

In the annals of strange and unforgettable moments, this incident is sure to stand out as one of Nebraska’s most unique traffic stops, leaving both officers and witnesses with an extraordinary tale to share for years to come.

New York Post


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