Family In Shock After What Dog Did To $4k In Cash

A Pennsylvania couple’s home improvement project almost went to the dogs when their beloved pet decided to snack on their cash.

Carrie Law and her husband Clayton had just taken out $4,000 in cash to pay for a landscaping project when their 7-year-old Goldendoodle, Cecil, decided to chew up the money and leave it shredded all over the room.

Despite the shock of seeing their money in pieces, Law recalls that she couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. Cecil, a 100-pound dog, is known for being a gentle giant and had never displayed such behavior before.

The couple immediately contacted their veterinarian to make sure that Cecil would be okay, as he had ingested a significant amount of money. To their relief, the vet assured them that as long as Cecil was acting normally and had no issues with eating or going to the bathroom, he would be fine.

But the Laws’ ordeal was far from over when, in the middle of the night, they heard Cecil getting sick. Upon checking on him, they found that he had vomited a significant amount of the shredded money.

Law and her husband decided to clean and dry the bills in hopes of salvaging some of their money. To their surprise, they were able to piece together $3,500 worth of bills out of the total $4,000. The remaining money was mostly in bits and corners that were too far gone to save.

After a three-day endeavor of collecting and piecing together the money, the Laws were able to recoup most of what their dog had eaten.

They immediately contacted their bank, who was understanding and replaced the damaged bills. The couple plans to frame some of the bills as a memento of this bizarre incident.

Despite the unexpected expenses and effort, Law says they were never angry at Cecil.

In fact, they found the whole situation to be quite humorous. Cecil, for his part, seems to be completely unaffected by the ordeal and is back to his normal self. The couple hopes to use this experience as a reminder to always keep a closer eye on their money and their mischievous dog.

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