One Happy Texas Fisherman Shatters Record

Kentucky angler Art Weston, renowned for his angling prowess, recently made waves in the fishing world by reeling in a remarkable 27-pound smallmouth buffalo fish.

Weston, accompanied by Austin Anderson, a seasoned fishing guide from CarpPro Texas Guide Service, embarked on a determined quest to break the 2-pound line class record.

Describing the challenging nature of fishing for buffalo, Weston emphasized the specific techniques required due to the fish’s distinct behavior and the necessity for using hair rigs to lure them successfully.

Highlighting the buffalo’s potential for substantial growth—often exceeding 80 pounds—and a lengthy lifespan of nearly a century, Weston underscored the significance of the record-setting catch.

The duo meticulously planned their strategy, opting to utilize Anderson’s specialized boat, dubbed the “Buffalo Battleship,” armed with multiple fishing rods equipped with bite alarms to detect any fish activity.

Weston employed a delicate 2-pound line, necessitating a cautious approach to prevent line breakage during the fight.

Using Anderson’s advanced 360-degree Sonar system, the anglers identified an abundance of buffalo fish congregating around their chosen spot. The stage was set for a potential record-breaking catch.

Amidst anticipation, the fishing rods’ alarms erupted with activity around 2:00 p.m., signaling the commencement of Weston’s encounter with the record-breaking fish. Employing a gentle, controlled approach, Weston adeptly maneuvered the reel, applying minimal drag to navigate the delicate line through the intense battle.

After a spirited struggle, Weston and Anderson successfully netted the colossal buffalo, a triumphant moment that potentially shattered the existing record. Weighing 27 pounds, the fish exceeded the previous record by an astounding 10 pounds, marking a significant milestone in Weston’s angling endeavors.

Following stringent International Game Fish Association (IGFA) protocols, Weston swiftly weighed and measured the fish before releasing it back into the water. Subsequently, he submitted his catch to the IGFA in eager anticipation of securing the coveted 2-pound line class record for smallmouth buffalo fish.

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