Miami PD ‘Explain’ Alien Sighting, Do You Believe Them?

On New Year’s Day, a conspiracy theory on Twitter sprung up after a video emerged showing what appeared to be an “alien creature” walking near police cars during an emergency response in Miami. The footage, originally posted on TikTok and then shared on Twitter by the user @DC_Draino, shows a figure walking in the distance.

However, the Miami Police Department has put an end to the conspiracy. According to a spokesperson for the department, the figure in the video is simply the shadow of someone walking by.

The spokesperson also pointed out that if one looks closely, the person’s shadow can be seen at the bottom, debunking the theory of an alien creature.

The incident that sparked the conspiracy theory was a group of teenagers causing chaos and fighting at a shopping mall in Miami.

The police were called to the scene, and due to the reports of gunfire, a large number of police cars were dispatched. However, it was later confirmed that the sound of gunfire was, in fact, the sound of fireworks.

It is unclear how the theory of an “alien creature” being involved in the incident started, but some speculate it was due to the excessive number of police cars at the scene.

The Twitter user who shared the video claimed to have zoomed in on the footage to find the supposed creature. However, the explanation from the Miami Police Department has put an end to the speculation.

The incident serves as a reminder to not jump to conclusions and rely on factual evidence before spreading theories or rumors.

The police response, while seemingly excessive, was simply a precaution based on reports of gunfire. It was later clarified that the situation involved unruly teenagers and not any otherworldly beings.

The conspiracy theory of an “alien creature” being involved in the emergency response in Miami has been debunked by the police department.

The video, which sparked the theory, was proven to be a mere coincidence and not evidence of extraterrestrial activity.



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