Dramatic Save: Over 90 Labradors Rescued, Breeder Faces Serious Consequences

Shocking footage has emerged of approximately 97 Labradors being rescued from a licensed breeder in Phelps County, Missouri.

The Humane Society of Missouri rescued the dogs from Sho-Me Labradors, a family-owned business known for its “top quality Labradors.” The site had been inspected just last month, where around 20 violations were found.

The owner of Sho-Me Labradors, Sandra Kozlowski, has been the target of animal welfare authorities for quite some time.

In fact, she has been listed on the “Horrible 100” list by the US Humane Society, which ranks the worst dog breeders in the country. Kozlowski has also been cited frequently for refusing inspections of her breeding site, which she runs with her sons.

The recent rescue was coordinated by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the Missouri Attorney General’s office. “Too many helpless animals in Missouri continue to suffer at the hands of repeat offenders like Sandra Kozlowski,” said HSMO President Kathy Warnick in an interview with Fox 2 Now.

The rescued dogs, including adult Labradors and puppies, are currently being triaged and receiving much-needed care and rehabilitation.

The Humane Society stated that the dogs will be available for adoption once their health and well-being have been determined. In the meantime, they will be receiving all the medical attention and love that they need.

The Animal Care Program, run by the Missouri Department of Agriculture, is responsible for regulating individuals and entities that enter dogs or cats into commerce.

Commercial breeders, like Sho-Me Labradors, are subjected to yearly inspections by animal care inspectors, who work tirelessly to ensure the welfare of animals.

Despite operating since 1982, Sandra Kozlowski continues to run her breeding business and has even opened a resort for dogs and a grooming store. She stated on her website that she “loves what [she does],” but the evidence suggests otherwise.

Warnick stated, “It’s a horrific situation, and these bad breeders who trap helpless animals in a cycle of abuse and neglect need to be shut down permanently.”

The Humane Society is committed to exhausting all their resources to rescue and provide care for animals that are trapped in such inhumane conditions. For now, the rescued Labradors will finally receive the care and attention they deserve.

Daily Mail


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