Precious Family Pet FOUND 7 Years Later

A woman from Corby, England got the shock of a lifetime when she received a knock on her front door seven years after her cat went missing.

Stephanie Barstow, a 35-year-old executive assistant, had lost her beloved cat Duke in January 2017 after he disappeared following a fight with his brother.

The community came together to search for Duke for almost eight months, but unfortunately, he was never found.

Barstow had all but given up hope of ever seeing her beloved pet again. She now had two children and with the passing of time, Duke’s disappearance was almost a distant memory. However, on one fateful day, Barstow received unexpected news that would change everything.

A veterinarian showed up at Barstow’s doorstep and informed her that Duke had been found at a nearby factory, just 900 feet from her home. Apparently, the factory workers had taken him in and he had been living there for the past year.

They even built him a little shed and feeding station. The vet recognized Duke due to his distinctive facial markings and remembered that Barstow had been searching for him all those years ago.

However, the factory was recently deemed unsafe for animals so Duke was brought to the vet for his well-being.

The news of Duke’s discovery and well-being brought Barstow immense joy, but she was also worried that if he came back home, he might go back to the factory.

As a result, Barstow made the difficult decision to give Duke to a different family who could provide him with a safe and peaceful environment.

Although Duke is no longer with Barstow, she is grateful that he is happy and well-taken care of by his new family. Barstow hopes that her story will give hope to other pet owners who have lost their furry companions.

Fox News


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