Woman Miraculously Survives Being Submerged Underwater For 2 days!

A missing Texas woman was miraculously found alive last week in a Jeep that had plunged into a lake and was almost entirely submerged. The unidentified woman had been missing from Longview when she was discovered inside the black vehicle in Lake o’ the Pines on Friday, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Pictures from the scene show the hood of the Jeep just barely visible above the water about 40 feet from the shore. A fisherman alerted authorities to the vehicle in the morning, and police arrived 18 minutes later, then waited for a local wrecking crew to arrive.

When the police and the wrecking crew were getting ready to tow the car using the fisherman’s own boat, they noticed that someone was inside the vehicle and moving. They pulled the woman onto the boat and took her to shore, where she huddled in a car to keep warm until an ambulance arrived.

“We do not know how long the Jeep was in the water,” Capt. Chuck Rogers told NPR of the incident.

People took to social media to express their amazement at the discovery.

Rebekah Lee Butler posted, “Praise God! Thank you to everyone involved. That’s pretty awesome she survived and that rescue workers could get to her in time.”

Another woman named Brooke Drake was shocked at the woman’s survival and wrote, “What are the chances there was an air pocket big enough to last who knows how long? Then what are the chances that the police promptly respond to a car underwater? This is just a miracle.”

Police believe the Jeep rolled into the lake accidentally. While the woman’s current condition is unknown, it is believed that she is in stable condition. Longview authorities have not shared further details about her disappearance.

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