Unforgettable Reception: Johnny Depp Adored By Crowd of 3,500

Johnny Depp and The Hollywood Vampires delighted U.S. fans with an electrifying performance at the Boch Center’s Wang Theatre in Boston. The band, also featuring Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Tommy Henriksen, took the stage before a sold-out crowd of 3,500, following a string of canceled international shows.

Prior to the concert, Depp showed his appreciation for the fans by taking selfies, signing autographs, and giving hugs to more than 20 enthusiastic admirers who had gathered behind a barricade to catch a glimpse of him. One lucky 12-year-old fan from Concord, New Hampshire, named Molly Smith, was moved to tears when she not only got a selfie with Depp but also received a heartfelt hug from the actor and musician.

The audience erupted in cheers and chants when Depp took the lead vocals on “People Who Died,” showcasing their excitement to see the renowned actor play a significant role in the band. Dressed in a striped blue denim cap, black vest with “Hollywood Vampires” emblazoned on the back, black short-sleeve shirt, pants, and boots, Depp constantly expressed gratitude to the adoring crowd, pumping his fist to his heart, waving, and smiling throughout the performance. He played guitar for all the songs and provided backing vocals on several occasions.

After an exhilarating encore of Cooper’s iconic “School’s Out,” Depp was showered with gifts from appreciative fans, including stuffed animals and a custom Hollywood Vampires jacket.

Fans expressed their confidence in the band’s appearance, considering previous cancellations, but were relieved and thrilled to witness Depp’s incredible stage presence and talent. One fan, Iliana Donis, even made a call to the theater in the morning to ensure the show would go on.

Depp’s popularity was evident, with many attendees stating that his involvement in the band was the primary reason for their attendance. Cooper, on the other hand, spent five days exploring Boston before the concert, relishing his time off.

The Hollywood Vampires are set to continue their tour, scheduled to perform in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Saturday and Bethel, New York, on Sunday.



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