Fallen Officer’s Son Gets Shocking Sendoff at First Day of School

In a heartwarming show of support, police officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department’s first division in Kentucky turned out in force to mark a special milestone in the life of young Riley Cottongim. On his first day of kindergarten, officers lined up to surprise Riley as he made his way into elementary school, a poignant gesture of solidarity and love following the tragic loss of his father, Officer Zachary Cottongim.

Zachary Cottongim, a dedicated police officer, lost his life tragically while on duty in December 2021 after being struck by a car. Left to navigate life without his father, Riley found solace in the outpouring of support from the officers who once stood by his dad’s side.

Fallen Officer Zachary Cottingim

The emotional scene was captured on the Louisville Police Department’s Facebook page, where they expressed their hopes for a great day for Riley, who already had a strong support system in place. The display of unity and affection from the officers was a touching tribute to Zachary’s memory, as they stood together to ensure his son’s first day of school was filled with love and encouragement.

Riley’s mother, Jamie Cottongim, shared her gratitude for the officers’ gesture, expressing how she felt Zachary’s presence with them in that moment. As the officers cheered and high-fived Riley, the young boy wore a bright smile that spoke volumes about the impact of the officers’ show of support.

Donna Morgan, Zachary’s former partner on the police force, took the lead in organizing the special sendoff for Riley. She explained that the close bonds and camaraderie among the officers were cherished by Zachary, and it was essential for the squad to be there for significant moments like this to carry on his legacy.

By the end of the day, Jamie reported that everything had gone smoothly, undoubtedly due in part to the early morning sendoff and the love that surrounded Riley throughout the day. According to her, Riley had an incredible day and expressed that it was the best day ever. His teacher also noticed the joy on his face, noting that Riley arrived in class with the biggest smile.



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