Thrill Ride Gone Wrong: Guests Stranded Vertical For Hours

Orlando, Florida – Riders on a Universal Studios Florida Theme Park roller coaster in Orlando were stuck for nearly an hour in a vertical position Thanksgiving night, causing concern and confusion among onlookers. The incident happened at the park’s Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster, which takes passengers up a 167-foot-tall vertical lift before subjecting them to several twists, turns, and loops.

According to eyewitness Dennis Malesky, who was at the park at the time of the incident, he first noticed people taking photos of the ride, which seemed odd. But upon closer inspection, he saw a group of riders stuck in a vertical position on the roller coaster. Shortly after, the Orlando Fire Department arrived at the scene, but with no immediate resolution in sight, Universal employees began clearing out the park as it was closing time. Malesky estimates that the riders were stuck for nearly an hour before the car finally began to move again.

Thankfully, there were no reported injuries from the incident. However, Malesky’s experience has left him wary of the ride, saying, “This is the only ride in the park I have not done yet and, needless to say, it will probably stay that way.” His sentiments are understandable, considering the unnerving position the riders were stuck in for such an extended period of time.

One woman who witnessed the incident can be heard in a video saying, “They’re stuck way up there, at the tip. They’re literally on their backs right now.” It’s a terrifying thought for anyone, let alone those stuck on the roller coaster. It’s not yet clear what caused the ride to malfunction, but Universal Studios did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The incident is a reminder of the potential dangers that come with thrill-seeking amusement park rides. Just last year, a similar incident occurred on the same ride, where passengers were stuck for two hours. Fortunately, all were safely rescued. This raises questions about the safety regulations and maintenance protocols in place for such rides.

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