Absolutely Shocking: 70-Year-Old Woman Defies Odds!

A 70-year-old woman in Uganda has made headlines around the world after giving birth to twins on Wednesday. Safina Namukwaya, who already made history as the oldest new mother in Uganda three years ago, welcomed a boy and a girl at the Women’s Hospital International Facility Center in Kampala, after undergoing in vitro fertilization treatment.

According to Arthur Matsiko, a spokesman for the hospital, Namukwaya had used a donor egg and her partner’s sperm to conceive the twins. The babies were born prematurely at 31 weeks of gestation and were placed in incubators, but are said to be in good health. This is an extraordinary achievement, according to Dr. Edward Tamale Sali, who helped with the fertility treatment.

At 70 years old, Namukwaya has shattered societal expectations and norms, especially in her rural community where she had been labeled as a “cursed woman” for failing to bear children. She lost her first husband in 1992 and had been childless until she met her current partner in 1996.

Her first child was born when she was in her late 60s, after undergoing IVF treatment at the same hospital in 2020. Now, she has become the oldest woman to deliver a baby at the Women’s Hospital International Facility Center, which specializes in helping couples with fertility issues.

Despite her age, Namukwaya remains strong and healthy and is already walking around the hospital, according to Matsiko. However, she expressed her disappointment at her partner for not visiting her in the hospital, speculating that he might be upset that she delivered twins.

This remarkable story has sparked discussions about fertility treatment and the challenges faced by women in Uganda and around the world. It also highlights the need for more acceptance and support for older women who choose to become mothers. In Uganda, there is no legal age limit for IVF treatment, allowing women like Namukwaya to fulfill their dreams of motherhood.

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