The California Exodus Continues…Another Actor Says Goodbye

Actor Scott Baio, known for his iconic roles in “Happy Days” and “Charles in Charge” has decided to bid farewell to the Golden State and embark on a new chapter elsewhere.

In a series of candid tweets, Baio revealed his decision to leave California after an impressive 45-year stint. With a touch of drama, he declared that he was ready to “exit stage right” from the state that has been his home for so long. The news came accompanied by a screengrab from a KTLA 5 newscast highlighting the issue of homeless encampments in Beverly Hills, shedding light on the growing crisis. Baio seemed to have had enough of the dire situation.

One of Baio’s followers took to Twitter, questioning his move and suggesting that his career in Los Angeles had faded away. In response, Baio expressed his dissatisfaction with the increasing number of homeless individuals, asserting that it brings down property values and leads to higher prices. He further emphasized the lack of consequences for rampant crime, which has contributed to his perception of California as an unsafe place to live.

Baio’s decision to leave the West Coast sparked suggestions from his followers to settle down in the sunny state of Florida. However, Baio surprised everyone by revealing that he already has a home there. Whether he plans to reside there full-time remains unclear, leaving us with some intrigue and speculation.

It’s no secret that Baio has been a vocal Republican and avid supporter of former President Donald Trump. He’s unapologetically shared his right-wing views on various issues over the years. In response to a follower’s remark about California not missing his political stance, Baio humorously retorted that while that might be the case, the state would certainly miss the high taxes he pays.

This news comes on the heels of another Hollywood star’s departure from California. Just a few months ago, actor Mark Wahlberg made headlines by announcing his move to Nevada, all in the pursuit of providing his children with a “better life.” It seems that more and more celebrities are reevaluating their surroundings and opting for fresh starts in search of greener pastures.



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