Suzanne Somers’ Widower Shares Some Unexplained Things Happening After Her Death

The widower of the late Suzanne Somers, Alan Hamel, has shared his belief in the afterlife, citing a series of unexplained events that occurred at their Palm Springs home since her death last October.

Hamel, married to the famed “Three’s Company” star for 50 years, recounted three peculiar incidents that transpired on the same day. Firstly, a hummingbird entered their house, making its way through the kitchen, living room, and dining room.

The bird, remarkably, hovered in front of a framed photo of Hamel and Somers in their breakfast nook, even landing on top of it. Hamel captured a photo of the hummingbird before it eventually flew away.

In addition to the hummingbird encounter, Hamel revealed that the fireplace started spontaneously, and music by Suzanne’s favorite composer played, despite the unfamiliarity of the composer to those present.

These mysterious occurrences have led Hamel to embrace a belief in the afterlife. He expressed conviction in the idea that there is something beyond our understanding, suggesting the existence of a plane or realm after our physical bodies are discarded.

Hamel described moments before sleep, where he can still feel Suzanne’s presence beside him in bed, further solidifying his newfound belief. He emphasized that interacting with her presence in solitude allows him to return to his family with a sense of connection.

According to Hamel, even Suzanne’s grandkids have independently conveyed similar experiences of feeling her presence. The widower expressed hope in the truth of these phenomena, stating that the unexplained events have significantly eased the grieving process for him.

Hamel expressed a longing for the possibility of being reunited with Suzanne in the afterlife, expressing the sentiment that the mysterious happenings have added a layer of comfort to his mourning.

The unexplained occurrences have not only prompted Hamel’s belief in the afterlife but have also provided solace amid the loss of a beloved partner.

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