Not Just Disney, Looks Like SNL Is About To Get An Overhaul

In a recent interview at the Emmy Awards, Lorne Michaels, the legendary creator and executive producer of Saturday Night Live (SNL), hinted at the possibility of Tina Fey taking over the reins of the iconic comedy show.

Michaels, who has been at the helm since SNL’s inception in 1975, acknowledged that the inevitable handoff has crossed his mind.

Speaking highly of Tina Fey, a veteran of SNL and a key figure in Michaels’ life, he described her as brilliant and talented in various aspects. While Michaels suggested that Fey could easily be his successor, he also hinted at other potential candidates within the current SNL team.

Acknowledging Fey’s importance in his life, Michaels commended her skills and hinted at the qualities that make her a strong contender for the role.

However, he left room for speculation by mentioning that there are other individuals currently involved with SNL who are also being considered. The decision is crucial, considering SNL’s significant impact on American television over the decades, with cast members often evolving into A-list stars.

Michaels, deeply involved in every aspect of the show, including casting and skit selection, recognizes the weight of his choice in determining SNL’s future direction.

Michaels estimated that he will continue working for at least another year, providing ample time for careful consideration of his successor.

While Tina Fey emerges as a leading candidate due to her history with SNL, including her role as head writer and creator of comedy hits like ’30 Rock,’ other names have surfaced in discussions. Late show host Seth Meyers has been mentioned, although he expressed in a previous interview that running SNL is not a role he envisions for himself.

SNL has been a cultural phenomenon, nurturing talents like Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Pete Davidson, and Kate McKinnon. Michaels’ influence on the show’s success is evident, making the selection of his successor a matter of great importance.

As SNL approaches its 50th-anniversary show in February 2025, Michaels remains committed until then, promising that a decision about his successor will be made before that milestone.



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