Rules Video Has Newlyweds Defending Their Marriage – Did They Share Too Much?

A young newlywed couple posted a video on TikTok that has gone viral. The short clip posted a few habits that the couple has instituted in their marriage.

The video has gained a lot of comments with some feeling that their choices are “controversial.”

Jaden McGrew told Fox News Digital, “We received backlash on multiple videos we posted regarding some of the things we mentioned we do.”

Picture from Instagram @jadenmcgrew

McGrew and her husband, Andy,  posted a video to their TikTok account describing some of the marital habits they have placed on their relationship. These habits have some people saying that they are over the top.

One of the first rules the couple set upon themselves was that they share their live location with each other using an app called Life360.  Another controversial guideline is that they share all passwords with each other and “have no secrets.” The final rule they shared in the short video was that “hanging with the opposite gender alone” is never allowed in their marriage.

Picture from Instagram @jadenmcgrew

As stated earlier, comments blew up the couple’s feed with one TikTok user commenting, “How often do y’all check that stuff? Having it is one thing, checking on each other all the time sounds like a trust problem.”

Another comment said, “Tell me you don’t trust each other without telling me…”

However, the McGrews defended their position by saying, “These are things we agreed on in our relationship over time and from experience. We never really sat down and came up with ‘rules,’ but that seems to be how people have interpreted it.”

Jaden continued saying, “These are just things that work for us in our current stage of life, and we were shocked to see how controversial they were!”

Jaden stated that though they are both Christian and their marriage is “rooted in our faith,” she went on to say that their habits are not based on religion alone.

“While we believe that marriage is the greatest commitment one can make and want to protect our marriage, none of the things mentioned in the video are based solely on our faith. For example, sharing location is just practical and allows us to check in on each other without having to wait on a response,” she said.

The couple did not receive all bad comments though.

One comment said, “Those are wise decisions.”

While another said, “These things are controversial? Here I was thinking [they’re] just practical.”

While we could not locate the video on the couple’s TikTok account, it can be viewed on YouTube Shorts here.

Fox News


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