WATCH: Some Defend Passenger Thrown Off Plane Over Tantrum – You Decide

A passenger was caught on video throwing a temper tantrum as he demanded water to be given to him after he allegedly waited two hours to receive it.

A male passenger on a flight from Bangkok, Thailand, to Singapore was yelling and mocking the flight attendant like a child while demanding water.

The video was taken by another passenger shortly after the flight landed at Changi Airport in Singapore.

The ‘man’ can be heard saying, “You actually think I’m going to listen, right? Why don’t you get me water?”

At one point the traveler said, “I’m going to push you over. Get some water.”

After the passenger repeatedly mocked and berated the male flight attendant, the attendant then calmly handed the passenger a bottle of water.

“After two hours I get water, wow,” he said.

The passenger drank some of the water and then authorities promptly escorted him off the plane while fellow passengers cheered and applauded.

The person who took the video said, “The seat belt sign was still on, and he was supposed to be seated. He wasted all the passengers’ time while the ground staff and security took him off the plane.”

A Singapore Airlines spokesman said, “After his multiple requests for alcohol, our cabin crew assessed the situation and politely declined to serve him alcohol to ensure the safety of our customers on board the flight.”

The airline said that the safety of its passengers and staff was the top priority.

Comments to the story were mixed with one person saying, “Y’all understand this is him asking for water right….like….not booze lol. I mean he maybe shouldn’t have threatened the attendant but… your airline should probably give you water…”

While another said, “I hope they kicked him out. If it were me working there, I’d ban him and blacklist him so that he could never fly.”

Fox News


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