Netflix Embroiled In More Controversy Contestants ‘Suffering From Hypothermia & Nerve Damage’

Netflix has announced a second season for its hit reality show, Squid Game: The Challenge. The show, based on the popular Korean drama, will continue its unique concept of challenging contestants with children’s games for a chance to win a grand prize.

The finale of season one will air on December 6 at 9pm, with the winner walking away with a whopping $4.56 million. However, in contrast to the original Korean drama, the Netflix spin-off will not have any life-threatening consequences, making it a safer and more entertaining experience for its participants.

The show has already broken records, with 456 contestants from around the world competing in various games, including Red Light, Green Light, Honeycombs, and Hopscotch. The success of the show has prompted the streaming giant to renew it for another season, with applications already open for those who want to take part.

Brandon Riegg, the Netflix VP of Nonfiction series, expressed the company’s excitement for season two, describing Squid Game: The Challenge as their most ambitious show to date. He also mentioned the collaboration with the show’s producers, Studio Lambert and The Garden, in continuing the franchise.

However, reports of contestants facing harsh conditions during filming have surfaced, with some accusing Netflix of mistreating them on set. The Red Light, Green Light challenge, which involves players standing still for long periods, has been particularly criticized for its grueling filming process. Contestants complained of being made to stand in freezing temperatures for hours, resulting in hypothermia, nerve damage, and even seizures.

Express Solicitors, a law firm representing two contestants, confirmed they have sent letters of claim to the production company, stating their clients suffered injuries while filming. The contestants were allegedly made to stay in painful stress positions in freezing temperatures, resulting in hypothermia for one and purple hands for another.

Netflix and the show’s producers have denied these claims, stating that contestants were aware of the challenging conditions and that they had taken all necessary safety precautions. The Red Light, Green Light challenge alone adds $10,000 to the prize pot with each elimination, making it a highly competitive and intense experience for the contestants.



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