Despicable Mother In Law Does The Unthinkable After Daughter Dies On Wedding Night

Samantha Miller, 34, was tragically killed on her wedding day, April 28, while celebrating at Folly Beach in South Carolina. Miller and her new husband, Aric Hutchinson, 36, were on a golf cart when they were hit by a drunk driver, Jamie Lee Komoroski, 26. Miller was killed instantly and Hutchinson was severely injured.

The aftermath of the tragedy has taken a legal turn, with Miller’s mother, Lisa, now petitioning the court to remove Hutchinson as the executor of her daughter’s estate. In addition, Lisa Miller is also questioning the validity of her daughter’s marriage to Hutchinson.

The Miller family’s attorney, Jerry Meehan, says that the main reason for Lisa Miller’s intervention in the case is to protect the estate and its rightful heirs. He accuses Hutchinson of attempting a “money grab” behind closed doors. Meehan also points out that the marriage license was not registered until May 1, and that it was signed by Hutchinson’s aunt and uncle instead of an official representative.

Hutchinson’s lawyers have responded, saying that the questions regarding the marriage certificate are a mere distraction. They called Lisa Miller’s motion to intervene “morally questionable” and “legally baseless.” Hutchinson himself has offered his mother-in-law half of any settlement that may come from the wrongful death suit, on the condition that she stops challenging the validity of their marriage.

This offer was made because Hutchinson “is a generous person and, of course, would prefer to avoid painful, public litigation over the validity of his marriage to Sam,” said his attorney, Patrick Wooten.

The tragedy has caused a lot of pain and turmoil for both families. While the legal challenges and accusations are ongoing, the most important thing should be to respect the memory of Samantha Miller and not turn it into a legal battle. She was taken away from her loved ones prematurely, and both families should honor her life and legacy. May her soul rest in peace.



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