Meet the Gentle Giant Dog with a $5K Appetite!

Dylan Shaw, a 33-year-old dog trainer hailing from North Yorkshire, England, has gained attention for being the owner of Abu, a 2-year-old Turkish Malakli dog often described as a “gentle giant.” Weighing in at a remarkable 252 pounds and standing at a towering seven feet, Abu’s appetite is as grand as his size, with a daily diet that includes an entire chicken.

Abu’s menu consists of raw meat, raw dog food, and whole chickens. This substantial dietary requirement incurs an annual cost of approximately £4,000, which is equivalent to around $4,800 in U.S. currency.

Despite his imposing stature, Abu is known for his lively and affectionate nature. When inside the house, he enjoys trying to sit on someone’s lap, believing himself to be much smaller than he actually is. According to his owner, Shaw, Abu is a “big softy” with a loving and gentle temperament.

While Abu is already an impressive size, it’s important to note that he is not yet fully grown, and he is expected to continue growing until he reaches the age of 3. Shaw brought Abu to England from Turkey in November 2021 when he was just four months old, and the young Turkish Malakli was already larger than Shaw’s other dog, a Doberman.

Abu’s size and friendly demeanor have garnered him attention from the local community. During their walks, Shaw and Abu often find themselves posing for photos with admirers. Some people even inquire if they can take Abu for a ride, highlighting the dog’s appeal.

Abu’s popularity extends to Shaw’s own family, where he is adored by his 5-year-old daughter, India, and 4-year-old son, Reuben. They relish the opportunity to snuggle with Abu on the couch.

Despite the substantial responsibility that comes with caring for a dog of Abu’s size and appetite, Shaw cherishes his pet and emphasizes Abu’s role as a wonderful family dog known for his affection and gentleness.

The Turkish Malakli breed, to which Abu belongs, has a strong reputation as a livestock guard or field security dog in its native Turkey. These dogs are characterized by their large bodies, strength, and imposing heads. They tend to be fiercely loyal to their owners and can exhibit wariness and protectiveness toward strangers, as observed by the American Dog Federation (ADF).

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