Shocking Move by King Charles: No More Security for Royals

In a recent report, it has been alleged that King Charles took the decision to withdraw taxpayer-funded personal security from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as a response to their decision to step back from their roles as “working royals” and relocate to the United States in 2020. This revelation comes as part of a larger story detailing the dynamics within the British royal family.

According to the report by the Byline Times, Prince Harry, aged 39, had previously sought a judicial review to employ police officers as his private security detail, but this request was denied by London’s High Court in May. The report suggests that King Charles was dissatisfied with his son’s swift departure from the royal fold and chose to retaliate by removing their security detail.

A source cited in the report implied that the royal family wanted the Sussexes either to remain in the UK or to be distanced from the family entirely to prevent them from overshadowing other members. It was suggested that King Charles was concerned about the couple’s high media profile, which could potentially outshine other royals.

The report alleged that the monarchy took various steps to undermine Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s standing, including the removal of security and the endorsement of a 12-month campaign by the UK press to target the couple and their associates.

Additionally, the report claimed that the decision to sue media outlets over their coverage was viewed unfavorably by the offices of Prince Charles and Prince William. They were concerned that this move could damage the traditional relationship between the royal family and the press. Consequently, Prince Harry and Meghan were regarded as expendable in comparison to the heirs and their spouses.

King Charles was also said to have withdrawn the Sussexes’ “transition funding,” which was their primary means of financial support, in an attempt to exert control and influence their return to the UK.

Since relocating to the United States, Prince Harry and Meghan have taken on the responsibility of funding their own security. However, their American security detail lacks jurisdiction overseas and does not have access to intelligence in the UK.

Prince Harry has voiced apprehensions about his safety and that of his family during future trips to the UK. Their last joint visit to the UK was for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in September. Buckingham Palace has declined to provide an official comment, and as of now, representatives for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not responded to requests for comment.

NY Post 


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