Honeymoon Horror: Newlywed Couple Experiences Tragedy Just 3 Days After Wedding!

A tragic accident has cast a pall of sorrow over a Florida family, as a newlywed groom met an untimely demise in an unfortunate waterskiing incident during his Caribbean honeymoon. The couple, Nate and Mariana Kuhlman, had recently celebrated their wedding on October 28 and embarked on a trip to St. Lucia to start their married life when the unthinkable occurred.

Specific details of the waterskiing mishap leading to Nate Kuhlman’s tragic passing have not been made public. The devastating news was shared by Heather Kuhlman, Nate’s mother, who took to Facebook to convey the family’s profound grief. She reflected on the unpredictability of life and the shock they experienced at the sudden loss of Nate, expressing gratitude for the support and love they received from friends and family during this challenging time.

Heather Kuhlman’s message also mentioned her journey to St. Lucia, where she had the opportunity to pray over her son’s body before an autopsy was conducted. She found comfort in the belief that Nate is now under the watchful care of God.

The Kuhlman family established two GoFundMe campaigns to seek assistance with the funeral expenses and associated costs. One of the fundraisers, titled “Nate Kuhlman,” portrayed Nate as a loving husband, friend, son, and fellow believer in Christ. Friends and acquaintances recounted stories of his kind and adventurous spirit, emphasizing the positive influence he had on those he encountered.

The fundraisers are aimed at covering expenses, including last-minute plane tickets to and from St. Lucia, passport issuance, accommodation, meals, funeral arrangements, and support for Mariana during this difficult period. The family also requested prayers for strength and guidance as they grappled with their loss.

Heather Kuhlman shared that she would be returning to the U.S. with her son’s body, requesting that friends and well-wishers keep her family in their thoughts and prayers. Further arrangements regarding Nate’s final journey home would be shared in due course as they continued to seek solace and support during this time of mourning.

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