Joanna Gaines Shares Rare Video To Honor Her Husband Chip

Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines tries to keep her life private as much as possible. However, she broke that rule to honor her husband, Chip.

In a rare video of her son Crew, 4, Joanna shared his diligent work to create a card for his dad.

With a special dinosaur sticker and scribble artwork, the four-year-old work was a masterpiece that any Dad would cherish.

The Instagram post received some incredible comments like:

“Omg! Stop with the cuteness! So adorable. ❤️”

“Melts my heart and such tender care he’s taken with each “word!””

“Best card ever! Happy birthday Chip Gaines! Lucky man!!!”

“Don’t need to open IG again today because I just saw the best possible thing ❤️”



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Recently, Gaines released a memoir discussing some of her most difficult moments.

Gaines admitted to feeling burnt out and said that the lows have been in step with the success-driven highs.

“The past 20 years have been a heck of a ride, but I knew I couldn’t keep going the way I have. It’s hard to explain how I was feeling. I was grateful beyond measure but exhausted. Loved, but feeling unworthy. Full, but running on empty. And because my world kept me busy, I could still feel the wheels of my life humming. What became harder to tell is where they should be headed,” she explained.

“I know I can’t go back to those early days of motherhood, but I can look out for moments that remind me that I’m a mom — and I’ll let those take my breath away. I can look Chip in the eye next time he makes a joke, and let myself sink into how much I love his humor for a minute or two. I can pull my mom a little tighter every time we say goodbye,” she said.

You can read more about her memoir here. 


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