Incredible Video Captures Brother’s Narrow Escape

A snowmobiler in Idaho had a close encounter with a charging moose on Wednesday, but both the man and the animal were able to walk away without injury.

Brothers Josiah and Jeremiah Bigelow were out on a trail near Palisades with family when the female moose, which weighs on average between 850 and 1100 lbs, stepped out on the path between them and suddenly turned to charge. Josiah said he hit the throttle on his snowmobile but when he saw the moose charging he thought “I’m just going to get out of here.”

Josiah waved his arms to try to get the animal’s attention, but the moose appeared angered and started to charge. Josiah sat on his snowmobile and tried to take off, but the moose quickly caught up. At the last moment, the snowmobiler jumped off to the right, allowing the animal to fall straight over the vehicle.

The moose got up as Josiah hurried back to the snowmobile, and both the moose and the family came out unharmed. The snowmobile, however, was damaged.

Animal experts said that moose respond negatively to people making themselves large, and advise slowly backing away. Moose are not naturally aggressive animals but are territorial and can become angered when harassed or intimidated by people, dogs, and traffic, or when hungry and tired.

In late February, a woman was kicked in the head by a moose in Alaska while walking her dog. Tracey Hansen was left dazed and bloodied after the beast charged up from behind and kicked her in the head while she was out with her pet Gunner.

The Alaska Dept of Fish and Game advises being patient with moose, even if it takes half an hour. A loud noise may move the animal but those that are used to people are not easily chased away.

Daily Mail


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