Country Music Fans Refuse to Let Singer Be Canceled

Morgan Wallen, a country music singer, has defied cancel culture and topped the Billboard Country Music Charts with his song “Last Night.” Wallen, who had been called a racist by leftist scolds in 2021, has seen 28.3 million streams in the US and over 1.3 million radio plays for the song. The song has also led Country Digital Song Sales for three weeks and Country Streaming Songs for two.

His album “Dangerous: The Double Album,” has sold more than 44,000 units and has spent 95 weeks in the number one spot on Top Country Albums. Wallen is the first country music artist to dominate all the main country charts in the top spot since 2019.

Wallen’s career nearly ended due to a video that went viral in 2021. In the video, Wallen was heard using an inappropriate racial slur. After the video gained wide release, Wallen apologized and donated $500,000 to various black music organizations.

“I’m embarrassed and sorry. I used an unacceptable and inappropriate racial slur that I wish I could take back. There are no excuses to use this type of language, ever. I want to sincerely apologize for using the word. I promise to do better,” Wallen told TMZ at the time.

Despite the apology, the video resulted in a heavy backlash, causing Wallen to be dropped from radio networks and major streaming platforms. The Country Music Association drummed him out and he was also disqualified from the 2021 ACM Awards.

However, fans have ignored the left-wing scolds and continue to support the singer. Wallen’s new album, “One Night at a Time,” is due for release on March 3, and it is expected to be a huge success.

The success of Wallen’s songs and albums demonstrates that fans are not willing to allow him to be canceled. Wallen made a mistake and apologized for it, and now the fans think it is time to move on.



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