Good Samaritan Uses Brute Force to Catch Suspect on the Run!

A routine police encounter took an unexpected turn on Thursday when a courageous bystander intervened and brought a fleeing suspect to a halt. The incident unfolded near the intersection of 8th and Denver Avenue, where officers from the Tulsa Police Department had approached a couple for questioning.

As captured on bodycam footage, the young man initially provided a false name, identifying himself as “David.” Little did he know that this act of deception would set off a chain of events that would lead to his capture. Had he disclosed his true identity, the officers would have swiftly discovered his felony warrants for burglary, conspiracy, larceny, and illegal firearm possession in Rogers County, Oklahoma.

Amidst the confusion, an elderly woman accompanying the suspect signaled her disbelief by acknowledging that “David” was not the man’s real name. Sensing trouble, the suspect, later identified as Miguel Hernandez, suddenly made a dash for freedom, sprinting across the busy four-lane road.

The pursuing officers gave chase, but their efforts were cut short when a black truck pulled over, and its driver emerged wearing a striking orange shirt. Positioned for action, the driver took a decisive stance, ready to engage in a physical confrontation with the fleeing suspect. With impeccable timing, he skillfully tackled Hernandez to the ground, preventing his escape.

In a moment of surprise, Hernandez questioned the driver, exclaiming, “Why you do me like that, homie?” However, the unidentified Good Samaritan released his grip on the suspect as soon as the officers arrived, nonchalantly returning to his truck as if nothing had happened.

The Tulsa Police Department expressed their gratitude on social media, acknowledging the driver’s swift and selfless intervention. They also emphasized the importance of personal safety, advising citizens to prioritize their own well-being when confronted with potentially dangerous situations.

The department noted on Facebook, “We love our citizens and greatly appreciate all the support that we get from you, this was definitely a case of 110% support. Please put your own safety first before engaging with any nefarious characters.”

Alongside the outstanding felony warrants, Hernandez now faces additional charges of resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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