Critical Cracks on Malfunctioning NC Coaster Leaves Riders in Peril-Watch!

Charlotte, North Carolina – A shocking discovery of a significant crack in the pillar of the Fury 325 roller coaster at Carowinds amusement park has forced park officials to immediately shut down the ride. The potentially catastrophic crack was brought to the attention of park visitor Jeremy Wagner, who captured the alarming footage on camera. The incident has raised concerns about the park’s safety inspections and has sparked a state investigation into the matter.

The Fury 325 roller coaster, known as the “tallest, fastest, longest giga coaster in North America,” has been a popular attraction at Carowinds, promising riders an exhilarating experience with its towering height of 325 feet, speeds of up to 95 mph, and a track spanning 1.25 miles. However, the crack in the coaster’s support pillar has raised serious safety concerns.

Wagner, accompanied by his daughter, son, and niece, noticed the massive crack while recording a video of the ride in action. Alarmed by the potential danger, he promptly reported the issue to park officials. Following an inspection, the park made the decision to close the ride for repairs.

The Carowinds amusement park claims to conduct daily inspections of its rides. However, reports suggest that the crack in the coaster’s pillar had gone unreported and unnoticed by park authorities. This discovery raises questions about the effectiveness of the park’s maintenance and inspection protocols.

The video captured by Wagner shows the two sections of the support pillar visibly separating as a coaster train speeds by with riders on board. This visual evidence further emphasizes the potential danger posed by the cracked pillar.

Tiffany Collins Newton, a resident of Shelby, posted a photograph taken on June 24, which appears to reveal the early stages of the fracture. She expressed her hope that this incident would lead to more rigorous inspections and safety checks in the future.

In response to the situation, Carowinds spokesman Courney Weber stated that the park’s maintenance team is conducting a thorough inspection of the ride. The Fury 325 roller coaster will remain closed until the necessary repairs have been completed. The park is committed to ensuring the safety of its guests and appreciates their patience during this process.

State investigators have also become involved in the matter. The state Department of Labor’s Amusement Device Bureau has examined the ride, although the details of their findings have not been disclosed. The agency emphasized that safety is their top priority and that further information will be provided once a full assessment has been completed.

The recent incidents involving roller coasters, such as the tragic accident in Sweden and the upside-down stall at the Forest County Festival in Wisconsin, have further highlighted the importance of rigorous safety measures and inspections within the amusement park industry. Authorities and park operators are under increased scrutiny to ensure the well-being of visitors who seek thrills on these attractions.

Here is what the Fury 325 looks from a rider’s point of view:

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