Astonishing Accomplishment: 12-Year-Old Does This For Good Cause!

A 12-year-old girl named Meredith from Mobile, Alabama, has captured the hearts of her community and beyond by baking and selling nearly 2,000 cinnamon rolls to support a good cause. The young baker’s selfless efforts have resulted in a remarkable $2,610 being raised for missions in Puerto Rico, Southeast Asia, and the Gideons.

Meredith, the daughter of Pastor Derek and Lindsay Allen, embarked on her baking adventure as a unique way to level the playing field during the Vacation Bible School (VBS) competition at First Baptist Tillman’s Corner. The annual event saw the boys consistently outperforming the girls in generating offerings. Determined to make a difference, Meredith organized a bake sale and converted the proceeds into pennies to tip the scales in the girls’ favor. The bake sale raised approximately $800 and ensured the girls’ team emerged victorious.

With this year marking Meredith’s last chance to participate in VBS, she decided to focus her efforts on baking cinnamon rolls and selling them to the community throughout the month of June. Assisted by her supportive mother, Meredith tirelessly worked on her labor-intensive project. The family took to social media to spread the word about the bake sale, which was set up at a nearby park, garnering widespread attention and support.

The community rallied behind Meredith, embracing her initiative and coming together to help her achieve her goal. Church congregants and neighbors joined forces to contribute to the bake sale’s success. The overwhelming response was a testament to the power of community engagement and the impact of Meredith’s determination to make a difference.

Lindsay Allen Facebook Page

In the end, Meredith’s baking venture exceeded all expectations, generating an astonishing $2,610 in funds. Lindsay, Meredith’s mother, joyfully shared a photo on social media, featuring boxes overflowing with pennies collected for the cause. The funds raised will be utilized to support missionaries in Puerto Rico, Southeast Asia, and the Gideons, amplifying the impact of Meredith’s efforts across continents.

Derek, Meredith’s proud father, acknowledged her baking talents as a gift from God that she has embraced to serve a higher purpose. Social media users joined the chorus of admiration for the young girl, praising her selflessness, hard work, and dedication to mission work. Numerous comments celebrated Meredith’s extraordinary character and her embodiment of the values taught at VBS.

$2,610 in pennies! Almost broke the scale. 😂 Thank you to all of you who helped her reach and exceed her goal. The money will go to help missionaries in Puerto Rico, Southeast Asia, and the Gideons. Lindsay Allen said on her FB post.

Meredith’s remarkable achievement stands as an inspiring example of how even the youngest members of a community can make a significant impact. Her story resonates far beyond Mobile, Alabama, reminding us all of the power of compassion, determination, and the boundless possibilities when individuals unite for a greater cause.



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