Jennifer Lopez Slams Backlash over Her Cocktail Brand- Watch!

Jennifer Lopez has responded to critics who are skeptical about her new cocktail brand, Delola, by addressing concerns about her drinking habits and explaining the inspiration behind the venture. In a video shared on Instagram, the 53-year-old actress and singer addressed comments about her drinking status, admitting that there was a time when she didn’t drink but now indulges in the occasional alcoholic beverage.

Lopez made it clear that she drinks responsibly and not to excess, stating, “I do drink responsibly, I don’t drink to get s—faced. I drink to be social and to have a nice time and just relax and let loose a bit, but always responsibly.” She emphasized that her drinking habits have been evident in photos over the past decade or so, despite some misconceptions about her preferences.

The multi-talented artist also shared her struggle to find a signature drink over the years, experimenting with various cocktails such as White Russians and rosé. However, unable to find a drink that truly resonated with her, Lopez decided to create her own brand. She introduced Delola as a cocktail line that caters to her personal lifestyle, focusing on a healthier approach. The beverages are gluten-free, made with natural flavors, and have lower calories.

Lopez explained that Delola offers beautiful spritzers that can be easily poured over ice, ensuring a seamless drinking experience. She emphasized the simplicity and convenience of her brand, designed to align with her lifestyle and personal taste. The cocktail line is a reflection of her commitment to creating a beverage that she genuinely loves and enjoys.

When the news of Delola was initially shared in April, Lopez faced backlash from disappointed fans. Critics expressed concern about supporting a celebrity alcohol brand and questioned the timing, particularly in relation to her partner Ben Affleck’s sobriety and public struggles with alcohol. However, Jennifer Lopez remained determined to address the criticisms and explain the rationale behind her venture.

Having spent two years developing Delola, Lopez co-founded the company with Ken Austin, Jenna Fagnan, and manager Benny Medina. The brand draws inspiration from the Italian coast, with Lopez expressing a deep connection to its ambiance and culture.


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