Bus Driver Passes Out With Students On Bus- Watch!

Hey everyone, it’s Madison Lee, and I’ve got a story that’s sure to inspire you today. It’s about a young hero from Warren, Massachusetts, named Dillon Reeves, who saved the lives of his classmates after their school bus driver passed out behind the wheel.

Dillon, who is just 13 years old and in seventh grade at Carter Middle School, was on his way home with 66 other students when the incident occurred. The bus driver had reportedly notified others on her radio that she was feeling dizzy and was going to pull over, but before she could, she started shaking and slumped over the steering wheel.

That’s when Dillon sprang into action. The surveillance footage from the bus shows him rushing to the front and taking control of the vehicle. He quickly found the brake pedal and safely parked the bus on Masonic Boulevard, all while instructing his friends to call 911.

No one was injured during the incident, and the bus driver was transported to the hospital for care. Dillon’s heroic act has since gained national attention, and even the Warren Consolidated School officials held a press conference to commend him.

Superintendent Robert Livernois praised Dillon’s extraordinary act of courage, saying “He stood up, he assessed the situation and saw that the driver had passed out. He jumped up from his seat, threw his backpack down, ran to the front and grabbed the wheel and brought the bus to a stop.”

Dillon’s parents also spoke on behalf of their son at the press conference, saying they were “very, very proud” of him. “This is overwhelming for all of us. He is very attentive to his surroundings,” said his father, Steve Reeves.

It’s incredible to see someone so young display such bravery and quick thinking in a time of crisis. Dillon’s heroic actions not only saved the lives of his classmates, but also serve as a reminder of the importance of being aware of your surroundings and always being prepared to act in an emergency.

I’m sure Dillon’s community, as well as people across the country, are grateful for his courage and leadership. Let’s all take a moment to recognize and applaud this young hero for his incredible act of bravery.



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