Taylor Swift Continues Show Despite Injury!

During her recent “Eras Tour” stop in Houston, Taylor Swift suffered a cut on her hand while performing. But true to her professional nature, the show went on without a hitch, and Swift continued to entertain her fans.

In a tweet, Swift shared that she had just finished playing three “insane” shows in Houston and was waking up with a smile, reminiscing about the fun they all had. She went on to express her appreciation for the passion that the crowds brought to each performance, saying she couldn’t wait for Atlanta.

For those curious about how she cut her hand, Swift revealed that it was entirely her fault. She had tripped on her dress hem while running backstage for a quick change and fell in the dark, bracing her fall with her palm.

Despite the unfortunate incident, Swift remained in high spirits and even made a reference to Mercury being in retrograde. She assured her fans that she was completely fine and that they needn’t worry about her.

As someone who values her fans above all else, it’s no surprise that Swift soldiered on with her performance, even after suffering an injury. We’ve seen time and time again how much Swift cares about putting on a good show and not disappointing her fans.

Hopefully, Swift’s hand heals quickly and doesn’t hinder any future performances. But knowing her resilience and determination, it’s safe to say that even a cut won’t stop her from giving her all on stage.



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