Bad Manners Has NBA Star In Hot Water

Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown is facing backlash on social media after failing to help his rumored girlfriend Suzie Micael across a patch of icy ground. The incident was caught on video and shared on Instagram, garnering negative comments and criticism directed towards the NBA player.

In a video, Micael can be seen stepping out of a car wearing high heels and carefully navigating the icy surface. Brown, who is wearing sneakers, walks past her without appearing to notice or acknowledge her struggle. Eventually, Micael catches up to him and holds onto his arm for support as they continue walking.

The post quickly gained attention and sparked a heated discussion in the comments section. Many users expressed outrage and disappointment at Brown’s behavior, accusing him of being insensitive and neglectful towards Micael’s well-being. Some even went as far as to call him “cold” and “disrespectful” for not offering her his arm or assistance.

A few commenters also pointed out and criticized the way Brown looked back at Micael when she tried to hold onto his elbow. They saw it as a dismissive and disrespectful gesture on his part.

Not everyone felt the same way about the situation. Some users turned their focus towards defending Brown and downplaying the severity of the incident. They argued that it could have been a simple case of not being aware or paying attention and that men are not always attuned to the needs of others.

The incident has shed a negative light on Brown, and some viewers may see him in a different, less flattering, light. It is also worth noting that Brown recently participated in the NBA’s All-Star Weekend, placing second in the dunk contest and scoring 36 points in 22 minutes off the bench in a high-scoring game.

The criticism and backlash towards Brown raise the question of whether or not public figures, especially athletes, should be held to a higher standard. Some may argue that, as a role model and influencer, Brown should have been more attentive towards Micael and displayed chivalrous behavior.

Others may counter that Brown is just a human being and can make mistakes or be unaware of certain social expectations. They may also argue that the scrutiny and criticism towards him are unwarranted and blown out of proportion.

The incident serves as a reminder that people in the public eye can face intense scrutiny and criticism for their actions, regardless of their intentions. It is up to each individual to reflect on their behavior and determine if it aligns with their values and the expectations of those around them.



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