17-Year-Old High School Quarterback Collapses On The Field!

The family of Mason Martin, the 17-year-old high school football player who collapsed during a game last week, provided an encouraging update on his health. The incident occurred during the third quarter of Karns City High School’s game against Redbank Valley High School, leaving the community deeply concerned.

According to reports by the Butler Eagle, Mason Martin’s sudden collapse was a harrowing moment, leading to his immediate rush to the hospital. His family later revealed that Mason had suffered a “significant brain bleed as well as a collapsed lung.” The situation seemed grim, and his family requested prayers for a miracle.

Karns City High School quarterback Mason Martin poses for team picture. (Holly Mead Photography)

However, in a recent Facebook post, the Martin family shared some hopeful news. “Within the last 24 hours, Mason has demonstrated some purposeful movement in his arms,” they wrote. “His eyes have slightly reacted to light. He is also retracting his legs when his toes are pinched. His lung has completely recovered, and his chest tube has been removed.”

While acknowledging that Mason’s journey to recovery is still long and uncertain, the family expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support they’ve received. “The prayer vigils held at the hospital and at Karns City have overwhelmed us with joy and motivation,” they said, emphasizing the importance of continued prayers and support.

Karns City High School quarterback Mason Martin runs on field. (Holly Mead Photography)

Denny Martin, Mason’s father, spoke to WTAE-TV about the situation, explaining how dire it had seemed initially. “There wasn’t much hope,” he said. “I put out in a Facebook post that we need a miracle. We needed one, and people went to work. And within the last 24 hours, he showed improvement that he hasn’t shown before any of these vigils took place.”

Community members and well-wishers organized prayer vigils over the weekend, coming together to support Mason and his family during this challenging time. The gatherings demonstrated the strength of community bonds in times of adversity.

As students return to Karns City High School on Tuesday, counselors will be present to provide support and guidance to help them cope with the emotional impact of this incident. The entire community remains hopeful for Mason’s continued progress and eventual recovery.

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