15 Year Old Girl Destroys Fishing Record

Jaylynn Parker of New Richmond, Ohio, etched her name into the state’s angling history books when she reeled in a massive 101-pound blue catfish from the waters of the Ohio River.

Accompanied by her father and a family friend on a leisurely Sunday fishing excursion, the teenage angler found herself engaged in an extraordinary battle with the formidable aquatic creature.

Captivating photographs captured the triumphant moment as Jaylynn proudly displayed her remarkable catch, her beaming smile reflecting the sheer exhilaration of the feat.

Sharing the jubilant news on social media, Jaylynn’s mother, Kristen Powell Parker, hailed her daughter’s achievement, declaring the catfish as the new Ohio state record holder in its category.

Expressing gratitude towards her father, Chuck Parker, and family friend Jeff Sams, Jaylynn’s mother emphasized their integral roles in facilitating the remarkable catch.

Chuck and Jeff, visibly brimming with pride, stood alongside Jaylynn in snapshots commemorating the monumental event, underscoring the camaraderie and teamwork integral to the fishing endeavor.Jeff Sams, offering insights into the unique fishing method employed, disclosed that the record-setting catch was made using jug fishing—a technique particularly favored during flood conditions.

Reflecting on the fortuitous outcome, Sams characterized the experience as a testament to the joyous unpredictability of angling, where perseverance and adaptability often yield extraordinary rewards.

In an interview with local media outlet WLWT, Jaylynn recounted the exhilarating moment of encountering the colossal fish, expressing astonishment at the unexpected opportunity to reel in a specimen of such staggering proportions.

Acknowledging the invaluable assistance provided by her father and Sams in maneuvering the hefty catch, Jaylynn humbly credited their support for making the feat possible.


As the newfound record-breaker basks in the spotlight of her accomplishment, she remains resolutely focused on future fishing endeavors, eagerly anticipating the prospect of surpassing her own milestone.



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