NFL Draft Pick Girlfriend’s Reaction At Party Is Priceless

The 2024 NFL Draft had no shortage of emotional and heartwarming moments, and one of the most talked about was the selection of offensive lineman Joe Alt as the fifth overall pick by the Los Angeles Chargers.

Alt, a former standout at Notre Dame, was surrounded by family and friends as he watched the draft from the comfort of his own home instead of making the trip to Detroit. Cameras quickly shifted to Alt’s reaction as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the Chargers’ selection, but it was his girlfriend Emilie Meyer’s reaction that stole the show.

Meyer, who also attended the same private Minnesota high school as Alt, was seen with a serious look on her face as cameras panned to her during the draft party. The broadcasts are typically on a short delay, so it’s possible she was not aware of which team Alt would be playing for in that moment.

Her reaction sparked a buzz on social media with many humorous and playful comments such as “blink twice if you need rescue” and “that’s the face of someone who realized his game checks will be taxed at 65% because he’ll be in Cali.”

But the attention quickly shifted back to Alt as he joined Goodell on stage to receive his Chargers jersey. The 6’7″ former Notre Dame standout was visibly emotional and grateful for the opportunity as he hugged his new coach Jim Harbaugh, who defended the team’s decision to draft an offensive lineman with the fifth overall pick, stating that they view offensive linemen as weapons. It’s clear that Alt will play a key role in the Chargers’ plans to develop a physical and aggressive style of football.

The moment also highlighted the sacrifices and hard work that Alt, who comes from a family of athletes, has put in to reach this point in his career. He was a highly recruited two-sport athlete in high school, excelling in football and basketball, and chose to focus on football at Notre Dame.

During his time with the Fighting Irish, Alt was a dominant force on the offensive line, earning multiple accolades and cementing his place as one of the top prospects in the 2024 draft.

Alt’s girlfriend Meyer, who was in attendance at several of his games, is also an athlete herself, competing on the Drake University track and field team. The couple’s shared passion for sports is evident and has been a source of support for Alt throughout his football journey. And as they celebrated together at the draft party, it was clear that they make a perfect team both on and off the field.

Watching the draft with family and friends at home instead of attending in person proved to be a wise decision for Alt, as he was able to share this incredible moment with his loved ones in a more intimate setting.

And while he may have to pay the “jock tax” as a Californian resident, Alt’s focus will surely be on using his talent and hard work to contribute to the Chargers’ success on the field.

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