Young Red Sox Fan Looses It After Brother Does The Unthinkable!

In an afternoon filled with excitement at Fenway Park, the Mulligan family experienced an unforgettable Father’s Day outing. A seemingly ordinary foul ball turned into a series of unexpected events, culminating in heartwarming gestures from both the Boston Red Sox and their opponent, the New York Yankees.

During the Red Sox-Yankees matinee matchup, outfielder Jake Bauers launched a foul ball into the Coca-Cola section high above left field. A Red Sox fan managed to retrieve the ball and, instead of keeping it, decided to hand it over to young Charlie Mulligan. Charlie, accompanied by his parents Pat and Jaime, as well as his older brother Jack, was overjoyed to receive the special souvenir.

However, in a moment of youthful enthusiasm, Charlie unexpectedly threw the ball back onto the field, much to the disappointment of everyone in the section. Pat and the initial foul-ball holder attempted to intervene, but the ball sailed back into left field, leaving Charlie’s older brother Jack distraught.

Playing the role of mediator, their father stepped in to soothe any sibling strife that might have arisen from the incident. Little did they know that this peculiar turn of events would lead to an incredibly heartwarming conclusion.

Later in the game, a member of the Red Sox staff approached the Mulligan family and presented them with an autographed baseball and jersey signed by none other than Kenley Jansen, the Red Sox closer. Jansen had witnessed the entire episode unfold on television while watching in the Red Sox clubhouse. Moved by the scene, he promptly sent an attendant to deliver the gifts to the Mulligans.

During an interview with NESN reporter Jahmai Webster, Jack Mulligan expressed his favorite Red Sox player as Rafael Devers, adding Kenley Jansen’s name to the list. Jansen’s thoughtful gesture had made a lasting impression on the young fan.

Not to be outdone, the NESN broadcast crew also contributed to the memorable day. Dave O’Brien, Webster, and former Red Sox player and 2013 World Series champion Will Middlebrooks presented the Mulligans with additional autographed baseballs. Middlebrooks wrote a playful message on the ball, saying, “Nice throw kid.”

Although the Father’s Day outing at the ballpark didn’t go exactly as planned for the Mulligan family, the unexpected series of events left a lasting impression on their hearts. The generosity displayed by both Kenley Jansen and the NESN broadcast crew added an extra layer of joy and appreciation to the occasion, turning an initial disappointment into a truly unforgettable experience.



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