Country Star Morgan Wallen’s 2 Year old Rushed To the ER!

In a shocking incident on Sunday, country star Morgan Wallen’s two-year-old son, Indigo, was attacked by a dog and subsequently rushed to an emergency room where he received stitches. As news of the incident spread, Wallen’s ex-fiancée, KT Smith, took to social media to plead for someone to take in the dog, expressing her reluctance to euthanize the animal.

Smith, a social media influencer with a substantial following, shared emotional videos on her Instagram Stories, detailing her connection with the dog named Legend, a Great Pyrenees she had rescued. Despite the attack on her son, Smith passionately defended the dog, asserting that it didn’t deserve to be put down and emphasizing its positive traits.

Following the incident, Smith embarked on a search for a suitable alternative to euthanasia or surrendering the dog to a kill shelter. In her Instagram videos, she explained that Legend could thrive in a home without small children, ideally with a family possessing ample land where the dog could roam freely. Smith was determined to find a loving environment for Legend, considering his past trauma of being abandoned on the side of the road for months.

Smith’s emotional appeal resonated with her followers, who joined her in the quest to find Legend a safe and suitable home. Her videos showcased Legend’s friendly nature, highlighting his compatibility with other dogs while cautioning against interactions with small children. Smith acknowledged her inability to simultaneously fulfill the roles of a responsible dog owner and a mother to her scared son.

After six hours, Smith shared an update, informing her followers that she had successfully found a new family for Legend. Expressing gratitude, Smith revealed that she had placed the dog with a loving family residing on a farm, ensuring that Legend would have ample space to explore and live his best life. She emphasized the family’s suitability and their proximity, allowing her and Wallen to visit the dog whenever needed.

Smith concluded her videos by reassuring her followers that Indigo, despite requiring stitches, was recovering well and that his scars would be minimal. Her decision to find Legend a new home prevented a tragic end for the dog, fostering hope for its future while ensuring the safety of her son.



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