Wildlife Photographer Gets The Picture Of A Lifetime Being In The Right Place At The Right Time

Hello everyone! Today, we have a delightful story that combines the beauty of nature with the art of photography. Meet Chris Whitty, an amateur and hobbyist photographer from western Canada, who recently made a remarkable discovery while kayaking on a Canadian lake. Whitty captured a stunning image of a rare white loon, a sight that is both uncommon and mesmerizing.

Loons are known for their striking black-and-white plumage during the breeding season. However, as the season ends, these birds molt, transitioning into a gray-and-white winter plumage. Despite this change, it is quite rare for a loon to be entirely white, making Whitty’s find exceptionally unique.

Whitty recounted his experience to Fox News Digital, explaining that he first encountered this rare bird four years ago. Initially, he thought it was just a white-and-gray loon from a distance.

Loons are fascinating creatures, with their legs positioned far back on their bodies, making them excellent swimmers. Their bones are denser than those of most other flying birds, which makes them less buoyant and helps them dive efficiently.

In spring and summer, Whitty enjoys kayaking with his camera, exploring the lakes of British Columbia. During these outings, he often encounters a variety of wildlife, including loons, herons, turtles, and eagles. However, the sighting of the white loon was a special moment. One spring day, as he drove to the shoreline of the same lake, he noticed a few loons grouped near the shore. To his amazement, the white loon was among them.

Excited, Whitty quickly took some shots from the shore before hopping into his kayak. He paddled in a wide circle to get the light behind him and drifted nearby, taking pictures without disturbing the loons. The birds were unbothered by his presence, allowing him to capture numerous photos before they took off together.

Whitty’s encounter with the white loon didn’t end there. A week later, he spotted the bird again. Determined to see it once more, he visited the same lake at the same time for nine consecutive days but had no luck. Reflecting on his experience, Whitty speculated that the white loon might have been stopping over on its journey to its nesting area.

The loon, with its large, webbed feet, is adept at steering underwater, an ability highlighted by the Loon Preservation Committee.

These birds are not only fascinating but also hold a special place in the hearts of many. In fact, the loon is the state bird of Minnesota, a state that shares a border with Canada.

Whitty’s story reminds us of the unexpected joys nature can bring and the importance of seizing the moment. His photographs of the rare white loon offer a glimpse into the wonders of wildlife and the beauty that can be found in our everyday surroundings. So, next time you’re out in nature, keep your eyes open – you never know what extraordinary sight you might encounter!

Fox News


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