Who Needs Airbnb? This Woman’s Way of Vacationing Is Going Viral

Lizzi Seear and her partner, Alun Westoll, have traveled the world in the last six years without spending a fortune. With a membership to HomeExchange, they’ve stayed in 84 countries around the globe, with only their airfare paid for.

HomeExchange is a website that offers an annual membership. For a fee of $175 per year, people can swap their homes with the owner of their desired vacation destination. Seear claims she’s stayed in some amazing places, such as a two-week stay in Bali.

She said, “I’ve stayed in some amazing places including a two-week stay in Bali,” Seear told the Sun. “I got to stay in a private two-bed villa in Bali that had its own private pool and a housekeeper who came with breakfast every morning.”

“It was a real pinch-me moment because the whole trip only cost us £400 [approximately $425 USD] for the flights,” added Seear, who also revealed she’d traveled to Italy, Spain, Finland, Hungary, and Germany.

In comparison to Airbnb, HomeExchange is a much more trustworthy option. Seear said she felt more comfortable with the idea of swapping homes with another traveler rather than just renting it out. She’s accommodated 48 visitors at her home in Ealing, West London.

Seear has also ventured into some hidden gems, such as Baden-Baden in Germany. She and her partner stayed in a beautiful home 10 minutes away from town and right in the Black Forest.

Although some people may be hesitant to list their home on HomeExchange, Seear explained that it’s not about the size or location of your home, as long as you have comfortable beds and clear some space in the wardrobe. She also said that even if your home isn’t as clean as you’d like it, it doesn’t matter.

The HomeExchange website has even managed to provide a meet-cute for one couple. A New York woman swapped homes with a Londoner and met her British Prince Charming. The two even forged a friendship after their romantic connection didn’t pan out.

Overall, HomeExchange is an amazing way to save money on travel and explore the world. With an annual membership fee, people can travel and stay in amazing places all over the world. It’s a great option for those looking for an affordable way to experience different cultures and countries.

New York Post


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